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Starship Chinook makes an appearance at the 2022 Summer Skirmish


The Starship Chinook was requested to attend the local Military Museums on the weekend of August 20-21, 2022 to observe and report on a suspected temporal anomaly. Indeed, when the crew of the Starship Chinook arrived, they observed a mass gathering of warriors from multiple time periods.


An observation post was set up beside a group of soldiers from the Second World War who thankfully understood our mission and offered to provide security for our post.


An attempt was made to replicate period clothing, but the replicator malfunctioned before all the away team could be kitted out. Thus, some of the Away Team had to me more careful than others to avoid unwanted attention.


During the Away Team, men and women from the following time periods were observed:

The Away Team eventually managed to mingle successfully with these various groups and thankfully by the evening of the second day the temporal anomaly faded and the field around the museum returned to its previous state.

The Away Team also explained their presence to local civilians who all came to observe the anomaly.