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USS King Edward Helps Vulcan, AB. Launch Klingon Way


Robert O'Reilly, Mayor Tom Grant, Marc OkrandRobert O'Reilly, Mayor Tom Grant, Marc Okrand

Vulcan, AB. July 22, 2017 By Patrick Nichol - A new page in Star Trek lore was launched as Vulcan, AB. christened Klingon Way to the storied Southern Alberta community.

Mayor Tom Grant issued the proclamation on a warm sunny day kicking off the annual Vul-Con celebrations.

Hundreds of Star Trek fans, including the USS King Edward Starfleet fan club, watched Grant unfurl the document flanked by Star Trek Deep Space Nine star Robert O'Reilly and Klingon language inventor Marc Okrand.

Klingon Way salutes the phenomenal popularity of the Klingon Empire among Star Trek fans.

The occasion also marked the second official outing of the King Eddy as an exhibitor to Vul-Con. The crew sold enough home-made Tribbles and trinkets to make Cyrano Jones proud.

This year also marked the public debut of the Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator designed by King Eddy Chief Engineer James McGuire.

More on that story in a later post.